**This post contains affiliate links which may result in commission.  I believe in the company and the products I share with you and believe that they will be of use to you even if just a small way.**

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you know that your special lady will want something that says I love you.  I have listed fourteen gifts that will make a big impact to her but a small impact on your wallet.


A gift card is a perfect gift because it will let her decide what she wants most and Amazon is great because there are endless possibilities.


These bath bombs are great because they will let her soak in the tub and relax, honestly this is the one things we all want to do.


I love Burt’s Bees and how healthy they are for you.  This is a great idea because you get a little bit of everything in one.


A simple coffee mug will make a big impact because whenever she drinks coffee in the morning she will remember how much she means to you.


I don’t know about most women but as for me i prefer to get gifts that serve a purpose and this would be one of them.  I have one similar to this and love that it can be used every day and I can change to scents and mix my own.


This 100% natural scrub is sure to make her skin super soft and even more touchable, bonus for the both of you if you ask me.


These super simple key chains are just the reminder she needs from you that you love her every day even after Valentine’s Day.


I love this tree and secretly hope that I get one for Valentine’s Day.  It makes for a great decoration in your home.


A girl will always love jewelry trust me you can’t go wrong with this one.  This is a necklace she can wear any day or just for special occasions either way she will adore it.


Another great piece of jewelry that won’t break the bank.  I love this simple heart bracelet it will go with any outfit she wears.


Oh my goodness these owl planters are too adorable how could she not love them.


Chocolate covered Oreo’s need I really say any more?


These matching Beanie Boo’s of Romeo and Juliet and too adorable to resist.  They come as pair so they are something you can both enjoy.


This bracelet is so pretty and will make her smile over and over again whenever she wears it.

These great Valentine’s gifts are well within budget you could probably get her a few of them and trust me she will enjoy whatever you get her so long as it comes from the heart and makes her smile.